Cameroon Cultural Center In Phildadelphia

As much as the immigrant’s community is growing across the United States and in the Philadelphia region in particular, the Cameroonian community is growing as well, thus creating an increasing need for a Cameroonian cultural center. Our General Assembly with the support of various stakeholders representing all aspects of lives in Philadelphia, have voted for the establishment of a Cameroonian Cultural Center in Philadelphia, PA.


A Cameroonian Cultural Center will play a central role in bringing the Cameroonian Community across the United States together in addition to offering an open window to the authenticity of the Cameroonian Culture to the world. As such, the Cameroonian Cultural Center of Philadelphia will include a Museum, Conference Rooms, Training Rooms, Gift Shops, a Restaurant offering Cameroonian cuisine, a Banquet Hall. In an effort to showcase the Cameroonian Culture and doing our part to make this world a better place, ACPE is eager to open the doors of the Cultural Center to all people living in this amazing country (USA) regardless, color, gender, religion, and country of origin.

Why Philadelphia?


Philadelphia has a very strong connection to Cameroon. First of all, Douala (economic capital of Cameroon) is a sister-city of Philadelphia with the agreement signed by mayors of both cities on September 24, 1986. Additionally, Philadelphia is known to be among the best cultural cities around the world, sharing the spotlight with cities such as Paris, New York, Amsterdam, Tokyo, London.