President- Thomas Famawa

Hi there, it is again a real pleasure to meet you today. As a president and board member of the ACPE-Philly community, I would like to welcome you and let you know that you can feel home. In couple words, please introduce yourself and the reason of your visit, and we will be more to assist you through your journey.

Vice President- Eric Yakmi

What a pleasure to have you with us today at ACPE-Philly! Hello Welcome to our beautiful community, where we help build and succeed. I am Eric, and as a vice-president, my role is to make sure everyone feels home as I do. So come and join us today. Want to know more about me? Click and read more. See you during the next meeting.

Secretary- Hilaire Tchapda

It is good to have you here with us. Hello, I am Dr Tchapda, and I am the secretary of our organization. As a part of this community, I mostly enjoy the mindset that everyone brings to the table. Do you want to learn more about me? Click on read more.

Finances- David Marthelli

I remember the first time visiting this association 4 years ago. I was just looking for a place where people value life, and respect each other. I will say that I found it because in 4 years, I went from a member to a financial officer. I am welcoming you to our organization, and hope you find what you are looking for. Want to know more about me? Click on read more.

Communication- Judith Mukuro

It is an humble honor for me to welcome you to the ACPE-Philly community. Our community is the place where people call home because it is more than just being together, it is being a family; being one. Please feel free to make yourself comfortable, and also to leave us a question if you do have one. See you soon!

Culture- Aurelie Mbouende

I am always more than happy to welcome everyone to our community, your community! We want you to feel home, and free of your words. You are not just a guest, you are a family. Please feel free to let us know how better we can help.