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    Cameroonian gastronomy is rich in a great diversity that it owes to its history and its population. It is particularly renowned for the finesse and balance of its cuisine. The dosage of spices and condiments gives the dishes a surprising taste


   1-The NDOLE
Typical of Cameroonian cuisine, ndolé is considered the national dish. It can be prepared with shrimp, meat or smoked fish. The ndole is actually a shrub, belonging to the Vernonia family. Its leaves are the main ingredient. They are also accompanied by peanut paste, plantains, cassava or rice. The little extra of ndolé: in Cameroon, this plant is used as a remedy for many everyday ailments.


DG chicken is one of the most famous Cameroonian specialties. DG means General Manager, because this dish was initially reserved for an elite. Fortunately, today, it has become more democratic and everyone can enjoy it! This dish is composed of fried chicken, plantains, various vegetables (carrots, green beans, tomatoes...), a touch of chilli and ginger. A real treat !


It is usually sea bass, mackerel or sole, covered in a djansan sauce (a local spice). The accompaniment consists of plantains and miondos (cassava sticks). A delight for any fish lover!


This dish comes straight from West Cameroon, it is traditionally prepared by the Bamileke people. It is made from mashed taro and a sauce which is complex to prepare as it contains multiple ingredients including palm oil, mushrooms, meat and spices. Cameroonians are used to tasting this dish directly with their fingers: it's up to you!


Kondre, also called plantain soup. It is moreover to the Bamilekes that we owe this dish, which often serves as a ceremonial meal. Several variations are possible, according to your tastes and your desires: kondre of pork, fish, beef...


Eru, originating in the southwest of the country, is renowned for its unique flavor. However, getting all the necessary ingredients for its preparation is not an easy task! This dish contains various vegetables such as water leaves and okok (their appearance after cooking is similar to that of spinach). It is prepared with meat and crayfish and everything is spicy!


Originally from eastern Cameroon, the pistachio dish stands out as a festive dish. Its presentation is neat and takes the form of a cake. Its paste is made of pumpkin seeds, to which meat, fish or eggs are added: it's up to you! The particularity of this Cameroonian specialty lies in its cooking method: the cake is wrapped all the way in banana leaves.


This dish also includes the corn chop, which comes from the west of the country. This dish is made with a mixture of corn and red beans, as well as smoked fish. It is served with a finely spiced sauce.


Folong is a vegetable similar to spinach. In Cameroonian gastronomy, two recipes are particularly popular: peanut folong and pistachio folong. The first is a vegetarian dish, but meat can be added. The second is made from pumpkin seeds, other vegetables, palm nut pulp and meat. Folong is a tasty and nutritious specialty!


Koki is a typical dish from Cameroon, it comes in the form of a cake. This recipe is made with mashed beans, palm oil and a blend of spices. In the Cameroonian tradition, the koki is steamed in a banana leaf envelope. This process gives it its fruity flavor. In addition, the cake has a beautiful yellow color, which makes you want to taste it. An ideal dish to end our top 10 Cameroonian dishes!