Hilaire Tchapda

It is good to have you here with us. Hello, I am Dr Tchapda, and I am the secretary of our organization. As a part of this community, I mostly enjoy the mindset that everyone brings to the table. Do you want to learn more about me? Click on read more. 

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My Story

Hilaire joined ACPE in 2015 and regularly attended ACPE General Assembly Meetings.


In 2017 he joined ACPE Executive Board and has since been serving as ACPE Secretary-General.

Hilaire is an Energy Engineer with expertise in Industrial Automation and Power Generation. He holds a PhD in Energy and Mineral Engineering from Penn State University (USA).


He is also a veteran of the US Army. The cumulation of this experience and discipline are brought together in order to make ACPE a better organization.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.