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The “Cameroonian Association of Philadelphia“ (ACPE) was created in 2005 and became a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization on August 9, 2011 with cultural, educational, and social purpose.​

About Us


The Cameroonian association of Philadelphia and greater area (ACPE) vision is built around unifying, empowering members of his community and providing a robust support in a caring and supportive environment.


Our mission is to create an environment favourable to its members, foster awareness of the richness of Cameroon’s heritage , as well as making an impact of migrants from Cameroon and African community to the American life and around the world.


The goal is to foster an environment that is essential to share the richness of Cameroonian culture and art and African in general.

Provide a focal point where members of the association can gather as needed for social, interaction and multicultural engagement.

Enhance learning of Cameroonian heritage to children of members, and promote mentorship

Help smooth accommodation of Cameroonian newly arrive in the city of Philadelphia and adjacent.   Promote Cameroonian cuisine

Our Office

Our Office is located  in Philadelphia, PA

We are located in philadelphia, PA at the address P.O. Box 20515 Philadelphia PA 19138

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